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The children in 5th & 6th class learned about famous scientists during science week. They learned about the inventions of Thomas Edison (light bulb) Percy Shaw (reflectors on the road called cats eyes) Robert Boyle (flames need air) Frances Rynde (the syringe) and Sr. Francis Beaufort from Navan (wind speed).

The Digestive System was studied by the children and the function of the Mouth, Oesophagus, Stomach, Liver, Pancreas, Large and Small Intestines was explored.

The life cycle of the fish was aso studied. Children found this very intersting to research and loved looking at the differences between the fish.

Our "NO Smoking" projects were examined and discussed. Each child presented their project in a poster and explained the dangers of smoking. We examined warning signs on cigarette packets and watched an interesting film about the contents of cigarettes. All of the above certainly turned them off smoking. An oath was signed by each child promising that they would never smoke.

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Third and Fourth class had great fun exploring magnetism during Science week. We divided into groups and explored and tested whether objects were magnetic or not. Some of the results really suprised us.

We are also looking forward to welcoming engineer Tom King to our class next week. He is going to speak to us about his job and all the different types of engineering that exitsts. We can't wait !

Mrs cawley.

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In first and second class we were learning about Heat. We talked about natural and man-made heat sources. We talked about how heat is measured. We investigated how a thermometer works by measuring the temperature inside and outside as well as putting a thermometer in hot and cold water. We then recorded the results in our copies.

Ms. Skelly

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The Infants had great fun experimenting with water and what will soak up water and what won't. First we talked about what we thought might happen and then we carried out experiments to see if our predictions were correct. There was lots of laughter and fun.

Mrs Sherwin. 

Click here and go to Infants to see some pictures of our experiments.

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To kick off this years Science week in Schools, our fantastic Parents Assosiation organised for a Young Scientist Work Shop to visit our school. It was a fantastic day and every class had hands on activities and experiments to do. Infants and 1st class made slime monsters, 2nd to 4th learned all about animation and electricity and over in 5th and 6th class they discovered all about DNA and forensics. Particular thanks to Dara and Marcia Hand for their help in sponsering this great event.


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Buddy Bench


We had plenty to smile about on our last Friday of the school year at Ballinlough. Firstly we prepared our outdoor classroom area ready for the unveiling of our fantastic new Buddy Bench. We displayed all the pupils pottery and the lovely poems that they wrote themselves under the theme of friendship. Esteemed local artist Betty Newman Maguire was present to talk through the artistic proccess which culminated in our school having a permanent Buddy Bench which all present and future pupils will get to enjoy. This idea began may months ago with a parent suggesting that pupils have a seat or area they can go to if feeling in need of a friend or a place to chat and reflect. This idea grew into all pupils designing and creating pottery that would inspire the final piece of sculpture a cat and a bird to signify friendship sitting on our Buddy Bench.

Secondly the staff and BOM were delighted to unveil a plaque to our friend and retired Principal Gorretti Usher who sadly passed away far too soon. Goretti has left a legacy in our school and local community that will never be forgotten.She will always be in our thoughts.

Lastly we said goodbye to our 6th class pupils. Many thanks to Mairead Finnegan who made a delicious cake to mark this day. Our Parents Assosiation presented our leaving 6th class signed hoodies as a keep sake from their years at Ballinlough school. 

We wish them well in the future.

Click here and scroll to various events to view pictures from this great day..


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Autism Awareness Week

Today April 2nd it is World Autism Day and staff and pupils all came together and wore something blue to school. We are always happy to highlight such great awarenesses. As a school we are learning to understand and embrace all our differences, unique qualities, inclusions and most importantly that we work better together as a team and in doing so success is unlimited and can be achieved by each and everyone of us.

A special word of thanks to Ken and Aileen Rothwell who very generously gave each pupil a goody bag.

Click here and scroll down to various events to view todays pictures

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World Down Syndome Day Celebrations


As March 21st is World Down Syndome Day our whole school came together to produce a video celebrating this event. All children learned to sign to the song "This is me" They chose this song as it represented strengh, individuality, confidence and how we can all succeed together. It was great fun to learn and children really took it to their hearts and practised not only at school but perfected the routine at home too. We as staff are immensely proud of our students for achieving this and they deserve all the praise and amazing feedback they are recieving.

This video can be seen on You Tube either by selecting Ballinlough ns or Down Syndrome Ireland. It can also be viewed via our Parents Ass, FB page. The Meath Chronicle also showed the video. We are currently heading to 3.5k views. well done to all involved.

Also as part of the celebrations the children donated 2euro each and 'rocked their socks to school' Plus we held a crossbar challenge, well done to those who succeded in hitting the crossbar !!

All in all it was a fantastic day and we raised 200euro which is being sent to Down Syndrome Ireland.

Please check out the video on You Tube as its well worth the view..

Congratulations everyone #veryproudtobeatballinloughns.

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On Wednesday March 6th, 5th & 6th classes represented our school at the ESB Science Blast in the RDS.

Our project called ' The Ballinlough Motor Works' was an electric car which could sense both obstacles & paths. This machine was created using a Rasberry Pi, and was put together in our classroom by the children with the help of Peter and Marcia Hand.

The base of the car was kindly made on a 3D printer by Aaron and Eoin Rothwells uncle and Gerry McDonnell computers helped us out by providing a screen to display the computer code.

The judges gave us a very high recommendation for this very well thought out project and we all learned a great deal from the whole process.

Well done and thanks to all involved.

Click here and scroll down to 5th @ 6th for a selection of pictures from the day.

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The regional Credit Union Finals will be held this Saturday 9th March at Johnstown House Enfield @ 11am sharp.

Our school team, who have done magnificantly to reach the final would appreciate any support on the day and all are welcome.

Good luck to the Ballinlough Team...

Click here and scroll to various events to see team.

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Important Announcements


AT 3.00PM

Wednesday 1st April at 7.00pm in the church

Sunday 17th May in Ballinlough Church







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